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MEDICARE TAIWAN 2016 6/16~6/19 2016/5/10

We are pleased to announce that Chiyi present its first Medical Fair of CMEF Spring 2016 in Shanghai in this Apr.  Our product line performance successfully attracted customer’s attention and got highly interests from potential Tier one customers.  It’s our honor that we have grated OEM customers green letter to prove our high quality capability in product design and innovation.  In order to take the leading specification advantage for our customers, we will keep presenting our latest products in coming Medicare this Jun.

Chiyi promised to provide the best solution to medical application against years design strength and medical application development know now.  Therefore, we focus on innovation improvement on mini size camera modules with completed resolution requirement align with marketing tread.  It is as a result that Chiyi can provides leading spec. for minimal Invasiveness surgery application and developed the alternative solution for disposable usage to prevent infection risk to patients.

In coming Medicare, we will present the best image quality of worldwide smallest camera module at OD1.5mm as well as the most popular high definition 1080p solution at Medicare Taiwan.  This show will be opened from Jun. 16~19, 2016 in TWTC Exhibition Hall.  We are looking forward to share latest innovation ideas with you.