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CHIYI is a company focuses on innovative and compact image camera modules especially for niche application. Since established in year 2009, rely on its more than 20 years experience in designing optical image device with pioneer CMOS sensors and high quality capability. CHIYI keeps leading position in outstanding image performance and core technology especially in Industrial and medical market. CHIYI has granted Tier 1 medical customers green letter to prove its best service and strong R&D know how. CHIYI will be the best partner to provide future solution according to your desire.

Announced leading market feature at 5.5mm VGA, 3.9mm QVGA & High Sensitivity 8mm VGA module
Successively designed in more than 20 kinds customized modules with 3mm compact camera modules
Initiated of Disposable Esophagoscope , Medical Laryngoscope in Japan, Industrial Endoscope and Security projects and high
Launched first digital Laryngoscope project as well as Multi-otoscope and Gyn-scope projects with shipped over 200K pcs
Engaged with government SBIR project with first 720P HD 4.9mm Digital disposable medical module. Released 4.3mm Macro VGA Digital disposable medical module and first portable 5" LCD Multifunction animal endoscope
Achieved 3.9mm VGA camera module medical application in Borescope, Diagnostic Set and DVR system design
Granted ISO 9001 / 14001 and accomplished mini 1.5mm camera module for utmost application
Attended first International Medical Show at CMEF Spring 2016 in SH and Medicare Taiwan 2016. Successfully granted ISO 13485 as plan
Achieved mini 1mm camera module for disposable endoscope application.

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