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CHIYI is a company focusing on innovative and compact  image camera modules especially for niche application.  Since it was established in year 2009, it relies on its more than 20 years experience in designing optical image device with pioneer CMOS sensors and high quality capability. CHIYI keeps leading position in outstanding image performance and core technology especially in Industrial and medical market.

With excellent precision optical design and near focus function for micro surgery purpose, CHIYI provides wide range of camera module with variety of diameter from Ø1.10mm, Ø1.50mm, Ø2.60mm, Ø3.90mm..etc, as well as different resolution for different endoscope application, like as Larygoscope, Bronchoscope, Arthroscope, Gastroscope, Laparoscope, Colonoscope, Ureteroscope, Cystoscope and Hysteroscope.

CHIYI has received Tier 1 medical customer’s approval to provide its best service and strong R&D know-how. CHIYI will be the best partner to provide future solution according to your desire.

Professional Image Quality Tuning
Extremely Small Optical LENS Design
Smart Analog/Digital Signal Process
Multiple Video Platform Algorithm
Efficient LED Light Source Design
Strong Micro-Mechanical Development
Unique Key Parts Maintenance
Reliable Solution Under Patent Protection

Endoscope System Solution

Expertise of disposable endoscope system
The medical endoscope concept realization
ID and mechanical design
The development stage and to manufacturing transition
Provide all the medical regulatory and safety
Assurance and regulatory processes


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